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Our Story



Occasionally people say to me, “I don’t like nuts” and it always makes me chuckle.  I say, “Wait ‘til you try my pecans.”  

Our family has been living and working in California’s rich dark dirt since the 1800’s.  We’ve farmed pecans and walnuts for 3 generations.  Our kids (the 4th generation) are growing as fast as weeds.  And we’re raising them to love, protect, and nurture our farming roots when they come of age themselves.  We came from here.  We live, love, and work here.  We’ll be buried here. And in the meantime, we grow some seriously awesome food here.


Nuts are nature’s perfect whole food.  Full of protein, anti-oxidants, and a thousand studies lecture us about their health benefits.  But they’re forgetting the best part:  When fresh, they are outrageously delicious.  Moist, meaty, buttery, earthy, velvety rich, and absolutely perfect when served “naked.”  

But they MUST BE FRESH, direct from the grower whenever possible, and only the finest quality.  Or else, why bother? I don’t want to eat dried up, old, bitter nuts…. And I don’t think you should either.  I promise you only California’s finest.




With love,

The Blain Family