Our Orchards

Orchards are amazing eco-systems – life is happening everywhere.  Tree limbs full of new leaves reach out into the blue skies gathering California’s abundant, golden sunshine, while tree roots delve deep and wide gathering healthy water and nutrients. In the spring, honey bees bounce from one almond flower to another spreading the pollen necessary to pollinate the new almond crop for the year. The native grasses and cover crops grown between the rows of trees harbor ladybugs and other beneficial insects as the orchard floor becomes buoyant with new energy and life during every growing season. Summertime in the orchards become an orchestra for the senses, with breezes bringing about the gentle rustling of the leaves, with soft music from the symphony of wild birds echoing throughout the multitude of trees.  

With each new day come warm rays of generous sunshine caressing the young nuts nestled on the branches. Life is also teaming underneath the orchard floor with billions of microbes feasting upon the decayed leaves and mulch from years past. Earthworms and other soil insects join in to transform the organic matter into the soil to make it more nutritious for the trees. These healthy soils help capture the fall and winter rains of California's Mediterranean climate by making the soil more porous, having higher water holding capacity and providing an organic filter to deliver high quality water to replenish the groundwater aquifers.

We are The Naked Nut Growers of California and for us, our amazing orchards are where the “Farm” in Farm-to-Fork begins.  Currently, we are Farm-to-Fork in California pecans and almonds.