our roots

At Naked Nut Growers of California, our mission is to bring whole, healthy, sustainably grown California nuts and fruits to the consumer.

Naked is good, especially when it comes to food. Good food matters to people. Our nuts and dried fruits are not only delicious, but they are a superior source of plant-based protein that is healthy and wholesome.

People care about where their food comes from. When it comes to food production, there is no better place than the Golden State. California is leading the world in the practices and policies of sustainability, food safety, environmental protections and fair wages.

Consumers also care how their food is grown. That’s where our growers come in. We source superior quality fruits and nuts from Naked Nut Growers whenever possible. We look for growers who want to innovate and establish more sustainable and environmentally friendly growing practices. We partner with farmers who promote soil health; plant cover crops that help with water retention; maintain rows of wildflowers and mustard to assist bees and other beneficial insect habitats; and use new technology to make their practices ever more sustainable.

We are a farm to fork business. We believe that our California almonds and pecans are as naked as you can get in our country. We are looking for other growers to get naked too, or at least loosen up, and join us in exploring new ideas and trying more sustainable practices.

Consumers and other stakeholders can help too. Ask good questions about where and how your food is grown. Insist on accurate labeling which informs where your food is grown and processed. Educate yourself about things you care about. If you care about living wages, find out where workers receive generous wages and benefits. Care enough to know. We believe you will find that California is leading the way. Naked Nut Growers of California are engaging the best practices in the state.

Our challenge to you this: get naked with us and help us be change agents for good.

“All Naked Goodness from California to you.”