Naked Nut Growers of California Featured on Public Television

That’s right! Our Naked Nuts were Exposed on TV!

Emmy winning host Rob Stewart and his crew came to our almond orchards to highlight our commitment to sustainable growing practices. Rob’s PBS show, “Rob on the Road” showcases the people and places around Northern California, and shines a light on the immense beauty, history and diversity of the area.

The televised segment about our trees featured our commitment to cover crops and honeybee habitat. Rob highlighted the importance of honey bees, and got stung several times during filming! He was impressed with how much intention it takes to grow almonds, while also attending to things we care about: soil health, carbon capture, and keeping this unique California ecological system viable for many generations to come. Take a look at this clip of “Rob on the Road” and learn about our commitment to Pure Naked Goodness.

More to come,

The Naked Nut Growers of California.

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